premiere EP: Better - The Daddyo's

The newest EP from “grunge, sunshine pop,” act The Daddyo’s hits us at exactly the right time. Winter always gets me feeling a little blue and a little sentimental. With the year winding down it seems like everyone starts to look back and when I’m not totally in awe of what I’ve done I’m sobbing over what I haven’t, and the fact that adulthood continues to totally confuse me. The Daddyo’s more than understand those feelings - putting them to song with Better, and as band-member Kylie explains,

“Better is our very first EP. It includes some older songs and also a few newer ones. We recorded it last month in OKC. The theme of the EP is all about being yourself, having fun, and also experiencing a little heartbreak and frustration. All of those things may seem a little cliche , but thats why the name of this EP isBetter. Because it’s all about us moving on and being better, and remembering to laugh and not let people get to you. There’s been too many times people have criticized and tried telling us we are doing things wrong. And as much as we want people to like what we do, we don’t do this for everyone, we do it for ourselves. (Which is the most important thing somebody can do!) So we’d like to dedicate this EP to anyone who has ever said anything mean or discouraging because it may have hurt at first, but then we laughed it off and wrote these songs.”

mp3: "Not My Market" - Littler

Guest Mix: Girls Against