premiere // “Cat Gut” - Les Bicyclettes Blanches

“Cat Gut” is a really gnarly way to start off your almost weekend. The track comes from the band’s 12″ with Bleeding Gold Records out on 10/23. It’s 3-minutes of continual surprises - an unassuming beginning morphing into one packed punch of fuzzy, grimy punk. As band member Magnolia explains,

Einfugen is German for insert- the font is runic- too long and layered to explain but ancient tribes and myths resonate in my heart- the album was recorded last year with the original members- Mackenzie Parker and Stanton Warren- we had never after 10 years of playing together, managed to record our sound as a band- the song cat gut was created during one of our practice jams in 2010- the guitar player came up with a 2 chord riff and I was playing with keys and an ultra echo effect on my voice- the words are simple, it’s a guttural scream of what is inside my soul- the rhythm had the signature of a wild horse riding free- most of all other songs were my own or a collaboration with the drummer and I.

We were blessed to have access to free studio time via the drummer’s family of musicians in the Catskills and so many supportive friends to contribute to the process- it took us about a year to finish it- bands go through transformation processes, it is intimate- we had a great but tumultuous friendship- now it is a new phase of expansion to new sounds, new artists, new forms, new light - the latest drummer is Kevin Urvalek, guitarists Sean Finnigan and Jz Barrell - all of them mind blowing musicians and beings- I’ll be touring next year overseas as traveling and writing are my second nature and a necessity for balance and fulfillment- food for the soul!

Stream the single below and look for the band tonight if you’re at CMJ! 

mp3: “Majorca” - Static Animal

video: "Nothing Baby" - Froth