video premiere: "Far Out" - What Tyrants

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

Dirty, disorienting garage rock with an insatiable thirst for the perfect two-and-a-half minute hell-stirrer. The vocals have this rousing world-weariness that maintain that the only way to get through life is to let everything fall by the wayside and just cut loose. Jangly piano keys slam out to the addictive guitar riffs that close out with barks of aggression. The video itself provides a visually off-putting backdrop to the song. The proceedings get more and more disturbing as it progresses, culminating in a bleak, anguished smile. Be sure to watch the marriage of audio and video above.

Kyle from What Tyrants offered his insight into the band’s creation.

The visuals in the video were inspired in part by the lodge scenes in Twin Peaks, without trying to crib too heavily from them. I wanted to convey the strange feeling you might have when somebody manipulates you into acting against your own self-interest.  - Kyle

“Far Out” is from No Luck out now through Forged Artifacts. Catch What Tyrants on Oct. 15 at Niagara during CMJ.

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