mp3 premiere: “First Time” - The Pretty Greens


It seems to be a common feeling among my friends and I that there comes a point when turning older just isn’t as wonderful as when you were a child. I don’t know when it happens exactly, but since turning 26 last month I’ve been forever stressing. The Internet seems all too happy to point out the 10 Things I Should Have Done by 25 or the 20 Things I Need to Do Now to Be a Boss Bitch. Despite all the unofficial instruction and advice of others I’ve been trying to turn that anxiety about getting older around, instead enjoying where I am right now. It’s always good to remind myself that not having a soulmate, being clueless about where I see myself or still shopping in the juniors department is actually okay.

The Pretty Greens’ newest single, “First Time,” from their No Jerks Allowed EP brings those worries to life with a breezy twang, this particular single bringing a slice of Real Estate meets Shannon and the Clams sunshine. It’s a glowing reminder that you can do it, and that even on your worst days there’s something good to be found. As the band explains:

“I read a quote that was attributed to Amy Poehler today that said, "“Great people do things before they’re ready. They do things before they know they can do it.” I think "First Time” is about that, too. It’s about the experiences you have and share and what you learn or take away from them, and maybe, how they can shape your future in a positive way. I love that this track also has a 50’s style guitar three-note ending that rings out…. It always makes me feel like we’re capturing a bit of Shannon and the Clams-like inspiration in a really familiar and fun way…“

With their previous single offerings calling out street harassment and reveling in the fierce independence of being a woman, it would seem Lonely Hearts Club - “No Jerks Allowed” is a spirited soundtrack we could all use, even the dudes. The EP is out 4/21 through Negative Fun Records.

ph: Jason Blake

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