mp3 premiere - "It's A Stealer" (Surf Version) - DTCV

A “fuck you” song just got a whole lot sweeter. Today we’re thrilled to bring you the premiere of a surf version of “It’s A Stealer,” from DTCV’s (Guylaine Vivarant & James Greer) previously released album Uptime! Along with this sweet, syrupy single we also spoke with half of DTCV - Guylaine.

TGE: How did DTCV come together? What “creative force” brought you to each other?

Guylaine: I’d like to think the ghost of Francoise Sagan brought us together but really, we met at a Hollywood party one night. We talked about Godard, Fassbinder, and guitar pedals. Much wine was consumed. I wanted to start a new band and was looking for a man-object/guitar player/novelist/genius. James happens to be all that. And he likes my songs.

TGE: How did this Surf Version of It’s A Stealer Come About and what are some of the major or subtle differences between it’s non-surf version?

Guylaine: When we recorded It’s A Stealer for the album Uptime! it didn’t really come out the way I intended but it sounded cool so we kept that, which is more of a prog-pop version. But we wanted to re-record it and make it more surf, happy, 60s girl-group-y. It’s a fuck you song, so there had to be a surf version.

TGE: What influence, if any, did Joel Jerome have on the recording and how was working with him?

Guylaine: Joel is awesome. Super mellow and intuitive and his place is great to record tracks live as a band.  We recorded this track and a whole album in four days. It was during the worst of the recent LA heatwave and in spite of that, Joel made us sound good. He definitely has a signature sound but he also adapts to the personality of the band.

TGE: What’s next for DTCV?

Guylaine: A new album all in French, also recorded with Joel. Probably the best thing we’ve done so far. It’s coming out in the spring 2016 in the U.S. and digitally some time before then in France. Also, we’ve been desert hermits for a couple years but we’re putting an end to that phase next Spring, moving to the East Coast.

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