premiere// Jerry Blindfold - Nina Ryser / Nathan Ventura split

Underdog Pop Records is only recently established, but their release, a split titled Jerry Blindfold from Palberta’s Nina Ryser Boston artist Nathan Ventura of Pucker Up, is one hell of a third release. Ahead of the September 21 tape release we’re bringing you the premiere stream of the album.


So who is this mysterious Jerry Blindfold - according to Nina and Nathan -“Jerry’s an earnest guy, however he’s blindfolded and lets his vulnerable mind unfold in the mystery and terrors of the darkness. Jerry just simply doesn’t care to see and we find that admirable.”

Without further adieu, step into Jerry’s world. Just don’t be surprised if you never want to leave.

Photos: Kate Nash, Regretts w/ Peaches and Slutever at The Echo (9/3/15)

mp3: "Somewhere Else" - Littler