video premiere // “Let’s Go Make Love”/“Love Like That” - The Nico Missile

Every so often a gem breaks through the junk e-mail, and such is the case with The Nico Missile. This Cleveland three-piece is just right across the border, and will soon release a 15-song LP called Big Red Button through Ohio label, Quality Time Records on 9/15. In the meantime, the band is letting us premiere the album’s first single and providing some context behind the release. 

The Nico Missile are a three piece (vocals, guitar, drums) rock n roll, punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. Since becoming a band in October 2014 they’ve released a 7" S/T record, a full length cassette “Designed Youth,” and a split tour cassette with shared member band Ma Holos via Quality Time Records.  Their upcoming release “Big Red Button,” is a 15 song LP available digitally and on 12" black vinyl September 15th, 2015. “Love Like That,” and “Let’s Go Make Love,” are selections from “Big Red Button,” and will also be featured on the “Wet Hot Singles,” QT-R compilation featuring singles from other QT-R bands.

The concept for the “Wet Hot Singles,” compilation was to honor the classic 7" single by releasing  2 songs each by Quality TIme Records bands and friends of QT-R’s bands on youtube for free. At the end of the summer all the songs will be released as a cassette tape available at The Nico Missile’s contributions to the compilation are “Let’s Go Make Love,” and “Love Like That,” from their upcoming record, “Big Red Button.”

“Let’s Go Make Love,” was written about the attraction between two people who meet spontaneously. Love is the most important offering anyone can make to society. All types of love are beautiful and should be cherished. Our favorite songs are love songs so naturally our favorite songs to write are love songs.

“Love Like That,” is about someone recalling a past love experience and realizing they may never love like that again.  The song addresses the universal theme of connecting with someone initially but then understanding that they’re out of you’re league. It’s like a grown up high school drama, which I’m sure everyone can connect with.

The influences of the band are heavily classic Cleveland punk like Electric Eels, Pagans, Kneecappers, etc. but we listen to a lot of Bikini Kill and Breeders. The drummer of Nico Missile, Cory, has a radio show Thursdays at 11pm on WCSB called, “Telegraph Telegrams,” where he plays what we’re into. Everyone should listen in!

Some of the other bands that will be featured on the compilation include: Wesley Who, Ma Holos, JuJu Shrine, Shitbox Jimmy, Dionysian Mystery. Others will be announced in the coming weeks!

Introducing: Estates