mp3 premiere // “Making Up A Mood” - LUWUM

Jesse Miller aka LUWUM brings us his newest single as LUWUM today. The wondrous “Making Up A Mood” comes from an upcoming release through Olympic Dreams Records. The songwriter was kind enough to answer a few questions that explain a little more about the project and the magical music.

The Grey Estates: Explain a little more about your project as LUWUM. How did this recording moniker come about and how does it differ from any of your past musical work?

LUWUM: My parents were missionaries in Uganda when I was born and Luwum was the name that was given to me there. I’m named after Janani Luwum, who was the archbishop of Uganda in the 70’s. Luwum spoke out publicly against the tyranny of Idi Amin’s regime and was killed as a result. I chose to use the name in honor of his bravery and martyrdom and also because it represents the intimacy of my childhood. The Luwum music is supposed to be very personal, and I think the name is symbolic of that.

TGE: How did you get hooked up with Olympic Dreams Records and when can we expect a new full length? Will it be available as tape?

L: Olympic Dreams Records is really great. Daniel is really supportive of good music and ODR put out a couple of Señor Fin and Hat Hair tapes, which I was a part of. It was natural to ask them to put out the Luwum stuff. We’re going to put out a Luwum album called Places Worn later this summer. It will include “Making Up a Mood” and “A Weird Flash.”

TGE: What in particular inspired “Making Up A Mood” and explain a bit about the single itself.

L: “Making Up a Mood”is about the confusion of constantly being in a new place. Sometimes you don’t know how to feel, so you just make something up like “Oh I’m going to fall in love with this,” or “I’m feeling pretty despondent today” and you just go with it, for better or for worse. I think people are really just creating their own realities, day to day.

TGE: What is the recording process like for you?

L: These songs were all recorded in my bandmate’s childhood bedroom in Redmond, WA. I used a combination of a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder and Logic to record everything. I would get really stewed spending hours recording and demoing by myself, and I think that comes through in the music. The album kind of cycles through my emotional extremes during that time. It’s very intimate and I suppose kind of confessional. Mason Lynass from my band Señor Fin played drums on a few of the tracks.  

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