mp3 premiere : “Strange” (Patsy Cline cover) - Jena & Claire


Two of our favorite ladies have teamed up for a wonderful cover of Patsy Cline. Jena Pyle of Sundae Crush and Layer Cake and Claire Morales are behind this track and Jena shares how it all came together:

“After we recorded this cover, Claire set the cupcake piñata from Layer Cake’s last show on top of my car to put her equipment in. We both joked about forgetting it was up there. We heard a clunk clunk, and the cupcake rolled off the car unharmed after slamming on the ground. This is how Strange by Patsy Cline makes me feel. At first listen, maybe just a cute pop song and seemingly harmless, but when you listen closer, you see the cupcake piñata rolling off the car and your gut wrenches as you watch it fall. Welcome to the sad girls club.”

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photos: The Orwells at The Echo, Los Angeles, California 4/16/15