premiere // stream: Out of the Box - Os Drongos


The latest release from Bleeding Gold Records comes from Paris, France trio Os Drongos. Fed up with the daily grind, Os Drongos was formed in 2010, and following a few previous releases and the addition of a new member, the band will release Out of the Box on 10/9. Ahead of that release we have the premiere stream, and a few words from the band detailing the recording process.

From the beginning of the Os Drongos adventure and for a long time before, the question was how to combine plenty of influences in a coherent album. We weren’t geniuses so we experiment lots of style writing songs in each kind, releasing EP and singles. We mutated from a drum and bass duo to a four member percussion band until now as a power trio. 

Our previous LP Night Drippers  was like a preparatory work to Out of the Box. We hammered our love for post-punk and shoeagaze and tried to merge with it surf and western music. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young and the Crazy Horse, The Gun Club are some of our favorite bands and I’m personally a fan of western movies and big Kahuna spiritual way of life. 

Each album is crossed by a special concept, illustrating a way of understanding what’s going on in our self-being and in the world that surrounds us. By playing and creating music and thinking about what it is we search to feel better. Night Drippers referred to Jackson Pollock and Dr John, a kind of voodoo and shamanism thing, a way to see problems like agents of reality to evolve or when the darkness brights. 

This album was a very long and difficult process with human and material issues till its release in May 2014. We decided to make a break just after. During the summer I went on holiday visiting my mum in a very wild place called the Cevennes where she showed me the first season of “True Detective”. It reminded me why I’ve been doing music for all these years. I came home with a bunch of new songs and we started to rehearse with Os Drongos for the new album. 

There always was many good conversations between us, but it was really the first time we had a better comprehension and an acceptation of each one’s human and musical part in the band. We worked without self-pressure, more appeased, truly together. We were on for a western cosmic trip. I encountered the pop-psych band Satellite Jockey in September 2014, we became friends sharing humor and others tricks very useful and as they liked the project, two members proposed us to record the album in their home studio near from Lyon. We did the job during January and February 2015 mix included and had a real great and funny time at thirteen degrees Celsius in an old garage in the middle of a very freaky commercial zone. As for the lyrics it was a deep diving into mythology and philosophical history smashed with touches of zany point of view inspired by cards and maps. We’re now on the way to experiment of own limits.

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