video premiere: “What Do You Want” - German Error Message

The music of German Error Message opened our joint compilation with GoldFlakePaint earlier this year, and left me totally and completely in awe. The Nashville-based act has stayed on heavy rotation around TGE headquarters, and today we’re so excited and honored to bring you the premiere video for “What Do You Want.” The track comes from the previously released Haunts, and features GEM’s Paul Kintzing in a most intimate acoustic session. As he explains,

“What do you want” was the first song that I wrote and recorded for Haunts, right after graduating college. It started out as a wordless piano and guitar 4 track experiment. The words are very much about that time: stepping out onto the porch at night in the winter, feeling cold and overwhelmed, trying to figure out what to do with my life.
My friend Kate Neff shot this video last October in the side room I record in now. I used the same little classical guitar that I write all my songs on.“

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