Rewind: TV Dreams - Katie Ellen

rewind takes you back to previously released music that we don't want you to miss. 

If you've been keeping Chumped on repeat since their demise, there's good news to be had. Katie Ellen is a project started by two former members - Anika Pyle and Dan Frelly. Since their formation, the group has gone on to add Eric Sheppard and Anthony Tinnirealla. TV Dreams was their debut 7" and it dropped last year on Lauren Records.

Featuring two tracks ("Wild Heart" & "TV Dreams") from a promised upcoming full length, the 7" is a sincere glimpse at loss, love and finding your way again. The release opens with "Wild Heart" a fuzzed out, fiery snapshot of a trip to the City of Lights. Singing of a relationship that's crumbling as Paris blooms in the background, Pyle sings with a tender ferocity. Admissions of holding on - "I like to keep things that remind me of you," even while feeling "lost eternal." Fellow single "TV Dreams" continues the trend of relatable honesty, beginning with a softly sung declaration - "I am miserable with you/Miserable without you." There's a lightness that comes with the departure of someone you loved and it can be felt in Pyle's airy melodies and the subtle backing of bandmates' ahh's. There's also a vulnerability and kindness to the music of Katie Ellen, with Pyle still willing to reach out, be there if "you can't sleep and you feel lonely." While we're often conditioned to hide our feelings or show a toughness, the music of Katie Ellen is the complete opposite. The EP is an invitation to embrace all the parts of you that are tender and pure and though moving on may be difficult and your heart may appear to be crumbled, it's okay to feel it all. 

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