song premiere: "Burger Drama" - Elephants

song premiere: "Burger Drama" - Elephants
     photo:  Adam Parshall


photo: Adam Parshall

Elephants, a favorite here at TGE, have returned with the title track from an upcoming Dadstache Record 7". Despite the seemingly energetic and carefree instrumentals that soundtrack this one, "Burger Drama" is contemplative and serious. It's a track of finding hope after heartbreak, and that resilience is reflected in the strength of blazing guitar lines and roaring percussion. "What's done is done/we can't go back," vocalist Loren Ipsum admits, and it's a cutting reminder that we just have to keep moving forward, even amidst the "shadows" and memories that continue to linger.

According to Loren the track is all about finding inner strength, saying: "Burger Drama is, on its face, about going through a bad breakup. I’ve sort of touched upon this subject before - the Endless Arcade EP is all about a falling out with a longtime friend - but this song is about a failed romantic relationship, which I don’t usually write about. It’s really about learning to stand on my own again, and being forced to grow in ways that were uncomfortable at the time but ultimately became a source of strength; realizing that I am enough with or without that person, and building my life back."

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