song premiere: "Ex" - Mulligrub

song premiere: "Ex" - Mulligrub

As the title of this track would suggest, “Ex” is a beautiful, stirring account that explores past loves which led to a current period of singledom. For the track, Mulligrub opens up about a first love that ended and led to a time where it’s “just me my emotional insecurities.” And while the idea of an ended relationship can bring about feelings of doom and gloom, Muligrub’s musical exploration presents this chapter as a celebratory one. The steady hum of guitars and thrum of percussion back spirited vocals, the band meeting up for vocal tradeoffs that carry you to the track’s conclusion. If the cold weather has you longing for a companion or maybe you’ve been feeling guilty about being alone, Mulligrub provides a warm nod of assurance, acknowledging that it’s OK to be alone.

Mirella of Mulligrub explained her hopes for single, saying, “As someone who's a poc, I've always wanted to be a musician in a band, but growing up in a predominately white music scene made me pretty scared and nervous to try, it seemed almost impossible..I finally got the courage, and I put myself out there and later joined Mulligrub. 

Taking a chance and stepping out of my comfort zone was extremely hard, but SUPER worth it, it's been 4 years now since we've been playing together. I've now decided to take another leap into the unknown by writing songs! 

So to anyone who can relate to how I previously felt about trying something that scares you, i say go for it and enjoy the ride!”

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