song premiere: "Habits" - Adeline Hotel

song premiere: "Habits" - Adeline Hotel
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From its outset the newest single from Adeline Hotel radiates with a glowing warmth and easygoing happiness. One can almost reach out and touch the sunshine that a set of breezy strings and eventual keyboard bring to the track, with vocalist Dan Knishkowy providing an equally lush and pleasant presence for it all to fold into. Chronicling a series of thoughts and emotions, Knishkowy beautifully contemplates the moment when one chooses to just be: "What if I could be so happy now/Isn't that enough?" There's something gorgeous and stirring about someone else using their musical platform to remind you to enjoy every moment, even those fleeting ones, and as time passes "Habits" moves forward with a renewed energy, guiding you towards a stunning conclusion. 

As Dan Knishkowy explained to TGE about the track: 

"Habits" might be the first unabashedly joyful AH song, one for windows down driving as summer fades to fall. I've always been more comfortable writing through melancholy, where I can pick something apart and put it back together more whole, more robust. Happiness is too ineffable, so rare and fleeting - the second you put it into words, it's gone. I've avoided that confrontation til now, but this record demanded a more honest companion to it's darker side and I think "Habits" really captures that spirit - if only we could stop picking at the thread til it unravels, could we be so happy now? Isn't that love - isn't that enough?

"Habits" comes from the new Adeline Hotel album Away Together out October 26 on Ruination Records.

photo: Chris Bernabeo