song premiere: "Please" - Florry

song premiere: "Please" - Florry

There's an urgency to the emotion of Florry's newest single "Please." The single, which as you'll read below, was inspired by a period of growing frustration and pressure, and the emotional weight of those feelings is seemingly reflected in a single of gradual growth. As the seconds continue to pass, "Please" begins to fully take shape; an off-kilter twang of strings, the steady presence of guitar and drums, and hushed vocals provided by Francie Medosch conclude with a roar, making a remarkable and obvious impact on the listener. 

Learn a little more about the song in an interview with Francie below, and check out a few tour dates that kick off on July 7.

The Grey Estates: Tell us a little about the single "Please." What inspired the song and what are you talking about with the lyrics? What does it represent? What was the writing + creative process like for this track?

Francie Medosch of Florry: I wrote "Please" a year and a half ago during a period of frustration towards most people due to homophobia where in the pressures of continuing to be a social person became all too much compared to my fear of being harassed. Along with this, one of my good friends had just entered a shitty relationship that, in addition to all the other pressures I had been facing, just drove me straight past the point of irritation towards life to the point of full on hatred.

Starting and finishing the song took around a month for me and by the end, I definitely felt relieved to have some sort of manifestation of my feelings in some tangible form.

I remember I was listening to Marge and Thee Ahs a lot while writing the words and music.

What have you/the band been up to since your last release? How have you changed as a group, with reference to sound or just your idea of what you wanted the band to accomplish? What have you learned or wanted to accomplish with your music since your last release?

Florry went on a hiatus last fall (then Francie Cool) after our former bassist Carl Srinivasan left, and has since taken the time to record more, grow, and find a new bassist, who is now Pete Gill of Friendship, Utah, Hour, and 2nd Grade. I met Pete through a friend when I was looking around for someone to play pedal steel on our record. After having recorded with him, I just had such a good feeling about him I decided to ask him to play bass for us, without even knowing whether he played. Pete is such a great person to share ideas and work on with, and we're all so happy to have him playing with us <3. Since last fall, our sound hasn't changed too much, with the exception of a more refined post punk direction and influence (within myself personally). I've been listening to a large mix of riot grrrl, post hardcore , and post punk, and our new new stuff (not our next album, but the album after that that is currently altogether nonexistent) definitely shows that. 

In addition to the upcoming tour, what else are you working on at the moment or what else can people look for from you in the future? 

We're currently wrapping up our debut full length, which is called Brown Bunny, which we've been working on over the past two years. It'll be our first release accurately representing what we sound like live and we sound like in general, so we're all more than excited to put it out. That should hopefully be out this fall, if all goes as planned.

Tour Dates:

  • July 7th - Western Massachusetts @ Lowdown w/ Big Moon
  • July 8th - Connecticut @ house show w/ Two Headed Girl (message for address)
  • July 9th - Brooklyn @ The Glove w/ Crusher and Hello Nurse
  • July 10th - Philadelphia @ Soundhole w/ Hello Shark
photos: Queen of Jeans, Oso Oso, and Future Teens at Songbyrd Music House (7/1/18)

photos: Queen of Jeans, Oso Oso, and Future Teens at Songbyrd Music House (7/1/18)

Creator Chats: Lilith

Creator Chats: Lilith