song premiere: "Supermarket" - Addy

song premiere: "Supermarket" - Addy

words: Gordon Phillips

Do you wanna go shopping?” is but the first in a line of seemingly escalating questions posed throughout “Supermarket,” the sole single from Addy’s upcoming EP, Rose Eyes.  

“Do you wanna get married?” Richmond, Virginia-based songwriter and multi instrumentalist Adam Watkins later proposes over an aimless slide guitar, ceremonial brass horn swells and downbeat acoustic strumming. Shuffling brushed percussion accompanies a tumbling banjo arpeggio and chattered spoken reverberations.

”Do you wanna start smoking?” Watkins eventually asks, culling his gradually-grown symphony of whispers and shortened breaths before the song is gone, as peacefully as it arrived.  

If “Supermarket” is any indicator, it makes perfect sense that Addy is quietly preparing to release Rose Eyes on November 9.  The EP’s reception, however, should be anything but subdued.