Split EP: Blueberry / Los Mangos

Split EP:  Blueberry / Los Mangos

On their split EP, bands Blueberry and Los Mangos present a snapshot of the feelings that can accompany summer. For their contribution, Blueberry creates a sort of dreamy, but controlled chaos, relying on quick and loose instrumentals to support their often hazy cries. Their singles pass by in an instant, with "Cross Game" using strident guitar and drums along with off-kilter vocals to cement together a single of stirring visuals. Meanwhile, Los Mangos is the very epitome of surf rock, their contributions of "Bong Water Rapids" and "1 Dad" echoing the easygoing nature portrayed of their musical contributions to the split. Fuzzy guitar noodling is a hallmark of "Bong Water Rapids," the track later gaining momentum and intensity as one recounts a now forgotten love. The split is one of slightly differing but complementary musical ideals, and together, the bands convey a rush of feelings, and an impossibly quick, but memorable venture into somewhere new and unfamiliar for those just checking out their work.