split: Walter Etc. / Diners

The glorious arrival of summer deserves an equally glorious soundtrack and thankfully Walter Etc. and Diners have teamed up for a split on Lauren Records that should become a necessity for any poolside playlist. 

A sun-soaked welcoming tone is set from the split's outset with the perfectly named "Night Swim." Its bubbly, bouncy nature continues into follow up tracks, "No One Hits Me Up Anymore" and "Every Lousy Paradise." Together, the three singles echo the feeling of a hidden glimmer of sunshine that's peeking out even during cloudy days. Even confessions of "I'm just no fun anymore," on the tropical track "Every Lousy Paradise," are earnest and golden, a soft chorus of whistles carrying you into Diners' contribution.

When we previously wrote of Diners we remarked of a simplicity that evokes the excitement and feelings accompanying a new crush. That same rush of feeling and the desire to dance off into the sun continue with opener, "Sunrise." While their split counterparts sang of a "Night Swim," Diners talks of the morning after and the hope to "wake up on my own." A persistent drum pattern and just a dash of fuzzy guitar will have you swaying and swinging, as the warped "Blankly at the Sun" begins. The track wraps around you like a tight hug, comforting you with a whispered message of doing something for yourself. The split closes with an alternate version of "You've Got It," and its playful synths and proclamation of - "know that it's okay to feel down," should make you wanna hop and skip off into whatever summer adventure awaits you outside or just on the couch. 

mp3: "Plants" - Crumb

album: Typical Girls Vol. 2