stream: Neighborhood Creeps - Daniel Markham & Claire Morales

Halloween's greatest treat is the return of Daniel Markham and Claire Morales for another spooky collaboration. As you may recall from last year, Markham and Morales are no stranger to the season of ghosts and haunts, and we're happy to welcome them back with a stream of Neighborhood Creeps. Dig in below, but before you dim the lights and light all your candles, read what Morales had to share with us:

"Let us take you on a journey through the ether and the mist, past a thicket of fall flowers, drops of dew like tears on their pretty young faces; over a cold stream, dark with mystery, running slow and quiet; near the tree you climbed as a child before it was struck down in the storm; on the edges of slumber, when for a moment you fall through the sheets and sink into a nebula before you start awake in fright. Let us take you there."

video: "Ceremonies" - Strange Relations

Halloween Toon Tunes: Linus Van Pelt