stream premiere: Crushed - Sundae Crush

This Friday, Sundae Crush will release their EP Crushed : a collection of songs that perfectly capture the daydreams, heartache and every piercing second of having a crush. Their saccharine pop is sincere and heartfelt, taking your heart into a pastel-colored world where everything from the rush of "Chat Room Messages" and the hunt for a perfect beau ("Dating Game 3000") are explored. Listening is like laying back on your bed and staring up into the celling, counting the glow-in-the-dark stars and turning over every kiss and moment in your mind. You can escape with Sundae Crush, drift away into their soft, sunny-skied dream world of playful pop.

If you're in the Seattle area you can celebrate the release with a show ft. Sundae Crush, Baywitch and Emma Lee Toyoda on 4/21 at the Vera Project.

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