stream premiere: Honor Her - Shakusky

The message of Shakusky's Honor Her is one we firmly stand behind and are proud to present. Too Far Gone Records will release this new album on 7/21 and today we're bringing you the full stream. 

Here's what Kira Mattheson had to say about the release:

"Honor Her rejects predatory sexual behavior and the capitalism of cosmetic beauty. It asks women to cast off the figurative purity ring they have been coerced into wearing. Sonically, the album blends gentle, harmonic vocals with unexpected rhythmic transitions and textured heaviness.
Girls--these words are for you. I want you to hear this music. I want you to make your own music, or do whatever activity makes you feel empowered. And I want to talk to you about it! We can be friends, because the best resource we have is each other. Let's talk:

mp3: "Total Body Erasure" - Izzy True

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