stream premiere: Mock Pop - Honey

Sometimes all you need is an opening note to tell that a release is going to completely blow you away. Such is the case for Honey's Mock Pop, out tomorrow on Wild Kindness Records. The album opens with a thunderous roar on single "Drag Dealer" and the party continues for the entirety of the record. Mock Pop is unrelenting in its fuzzy ferocity, blistering instrumentals and growling, distinct vocals. The record is a celebration from start to finish, its spirited personality pays proper homage to the cake depicted on its cover. The debut is a fresh, energized take on punk, bringing just a touch of pop and a whole lot of attitude. 

According to the band, "Mock Pop was written between December 2014 and September 2016, much of when the band was respectively spread out between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The album was tracked at a desolate cabin in Strasburg, Virginia in October 2016 and mixed/mastered in Pittsburgh at Mr. Small’s Recording Studio in February 2017."

You can celebrate the release with the band if you're in Pittsburgh or hold your own celebration and just listen to this stream on repeat. 

mp3: "Fever" - Guilt Mountain

mp3: "Middle School" - Hardly Boys