stream: Swoon Lake EP - Swoon Lake

From the outset of Swoon Lake's self-titled EP it's clear you're in for a radically special listening experience. The Brooklyn trio of Melodie Stancato, Lucinda Hearn and Paul Weintrob make self-described "ghost folk," the band first meeting on dating sites in early 2016. Ghost folk as it turns out, is as haunting and weightless as you'd expect. It's unhurried and intricate, from the gentle romantic gem that is "Bath" to the woozy whirlwind of "IDK," the EP commandeers and holds your attention with subtle force. The smoky, dazzling vocals of Stancato are haunting, pulling you in, inviting you to sit awhile and listen, just admiring the stories of Swoon Lake. The EP is sure to send a prickle of goosebumps up your arm, hypnotizing you with its spellbinding grace. 

Pick up the release on Spirit House Records.

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