TGE Recipes: Dragon Inn 3's Family Pizza Recipe

TGE Recipes: Dragon Inn 3's Family Pizza Recipe

Welcome to TGE Recipes, a place where our favorite bands share the secrets straight from their kitchens. Think your favorite Food Network show except on a purple blog. Today we welcome Dragon Inn 3. Their new album Double Line is out 8/17.



1 tablespoon sugar
¼ cup warm water
1 package yeast


Put sugar in cup and add water. Stir until dissolved
Add Yeast to top and don't stir.  Set it aside and by the time you finish the rest, 5 minutes will be up and it will be "bubbling" or frothy/foamy.


3 cups of flour  (or a little less, like 2 ¾ cup and add the flour if the dough is too watery)
½ teaspoon salt


(Mix flour and salt together)
Put a "well" in the flour mixture and add: ¼ cup of olive oil ¾ cup cold water***
Mix together slowly so flour doesn't go everywhere
Add the yeast. If it isn't bubbling or frothy, wait a minute and then add

***I only add about ½ of it now and after I add the yeast water, I put the cold water in the cup that had the yeast and stir it, to get all the yeast out
Stir by hand and then knead for several minutes on floured countertop OR....Use your Kitchen Aide mixture with the bread kneader for about 3 to 5 minutes.  The dough should be sticky, If too dry, add a little more olive oil and/or water. (After making it a few times, you will realize the texture you need)

If by hand:  Put in greased bowl (use oil), cover,  and let rise in warm place about 45 minutes. Or if using mixer, leave in bowl and cover, rise about 45 minutes.
After rising, put in refrigerator for 2 hours, if you have time. If you don't that is OK. It is just much easier to roll out if it has risen.

Rolling Out:
ROLL out to size on flour surface.  Should make 2 medium and one small pizza or 2 med, plus bread sticks.  (Dip bread sticks in butter and then salt)

Any sauce and toppings. Be sure to use Munster cheese on top as it crisps best and has a great flavor.

Have oven preheated to 475 or 500.  Most ovens heat too hot!  Cook for 5 to 10 minutes.  You may want to broil the last minutes.  Watch it and get used to what works in your oven.