The Breakdown: - Pin Pin Pin & happy boy

We’re pleased to welcome the second in our series of The Breakdown features. This one feels particularly special to me, as the artists each revealed some of their most intimate feelings - including those moments that many of us are not so ready to reveal. 

“Pin Pin Pin is basically my experience with mental illness expressed through music. I often feel disassociated, so I try to create songs that sound like a uncomfortable memory. Usually, I mix in elements of my hallucinations in the lyrics of every song. I was so excited when Lou from happy boy said that they wanted to do this split with me! I think we have similar production styles so flows so nicely. I knew when I first met Lou that I wanted to be their pal forever so I loved getting a chance to create something with them!”

- Pin Pin Pin

“My music is sort of diary like as in, I sit down and sing about whatever I’m feeling, usually i write it on the spot. That also means sometimes it’s more literal than I want it to be, like the song henny is a really good example of that. I wrote it in my head while i was biking after I hung out with someone new. It’s embarrassingly obvious who its about but I’m trying really hard to let people know how i really feel these days, because I think its silly to hide all the love I have for the world and everyone in it. I have lots of big feelings about small things!!! So I write songs about them. kitchen! and chicago are more me reminiscing on a relationship, which I do a lot, because I feel things deeply and like to explore the feelings that were + the ones that remain. When Dee (pin pin pin) hit me up to do the split I was stoked because A. I was itching to write n release some new stuff and B. pin pin pin is really really really amazing!!! I honestly felt really honored that they wanted to be on a split with me! They’re a really inspiring person.”

- Lou from happy boy

mp3: “So Long” - Martha Ffion

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