Interview: L.A. Witch


The ladies of L.A. Witch (Sade, Irita and Ellie) just released their debut EP last week and it immediately caught my attention, mainly because this trio makes a surprising amount of noise, that’s both pretty and grungy. I was so excited they took the time to answer a few of my questions and talk more about the magic behind the music. Read the interview below and be sure to check out their EP.

TGE: How did you girls come together to form L.A. Witch?

SADE: I had been looking for a band for a while after being musically inactive for a long time. A mutual friend introduced us. There was a group of friends who had been playing music for fun, nothing serious. They didn’t have a guitarist or singer. I met with them and things just fell into place.IRITA: Crystal, Diana [our original drummer and guitarist] and I had been jamming together for a while. It was kind of like a blind date when we met Sade. I remember not knowing what do expect. She started playing us some of her songs and it just fit. It felt so easy.

TGE: “Heart of Darkness” is my favorite track on the album and it’s a real beautiful slow down compared to the other 2 EP tracks. How did that song come about and what’s behind it?

SADE: I was messing around with different tunings, trying to play blues. The title comes from the Joseph Conrad novel. I used “culebra” which means “snake,” and “black widow” as symbolic connotations of what love felt like to me at the time. I still haven’t really decided what standpoint the song takes, whether I’m the one that is leaving or I’m the one that’s being left behind.

TGE: Were you singing about anyone/any experience in particular on the EP, with it focusing on someone having a cold heart, and not really needing anyone.
SADE: I wrote “Get Lost” and “You Love Nothing” about the same person. “Get Lost” is about being saved and wanting to escape with them, and “You Love Nothing” is the opposite. Questioning why I love this person.

TGE: Sometimes I think people can still be surprised that girls can rock so hard too. Is this something you’ve experienced or do you think people are surprised that ladies can make such heavy rocking tunes?
SADE: I am still shocked when I see a girl playing any type of rock instrument. I experienced it firsthand since I had such a hard time finding other girls to play with. Especially girls that want to play the kind of music that L.A. WITCH sounds like. You’d think living in LA it would be easy, but it’s not.

ELLIE: I guess it’s just rare to find a full band of girls.

IRITA: There’s always a dude or two thrown in there.

ELLIE: I’ve always been a big fan of Sade’s songwriting, I really feel what she does. Most girls are associated with this lollipop, dreamy thing, so when I do see chicks rocking out it’s awesome. When I met Evie from Evil Beaver, I was super impressed. She’s a badass chick AND writes really good songs.

TGE: What’s next for the band now that you’ve released your EP?
SADE: Releasing more material, a full length album.

IRITA: And we’re planning on shooting a video with some friends, should be fun.

TGE: What famous witch do you think the band most identifies with?
ELLIE: Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus.

IRITA: Nancy from The Craft.

TGE: What witchy superpower or spell would you most like to have? Personally, I’d wish to make unlimited donuts.
IRITA: Love spell. Make everyone fall in love with us.

SADE: Teleport so I don’t have to ever be in traffic again.

ELLIE: That’s awesome. I used to think immortality but I don’t want to live forever. Maybe if all dogs could be puppies forever.

TGE: Give us a LA Witch fun fact or something people might be surprised to know about you
IRITA: Sade loves dogs. LOVES THEM.

SADE: Irita has only played bass for 2 years.

IRITA: I learned how to play bass with the band, Crystal [the drummer and I kind of learned together. Also we’ve had more drummers than Spinal Tap.

SADE: Ellie and I had a 2-piece band together when we were 17. We won Battle of the Bands!

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