Album: The Offer - Yowler


I’ve been listening to Yowler most every morning. It’s a fitting soundtrack for that hurried a.m. commute amongst highway traffic, automobiles whipping past side roads that lead to Amish countryside and spacious farmsteads. I find a feeling of quiet and peace despite the bustle, The Offer providing the only noise above the hum of the engine.

Truly, The Offer is among the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a long while. It’s a soundtrack that won’t leave me, even after the tape clicks off. Each listen provides an emotional heaviness, Mary Jones’ understated acoustics and vocals striking you in a most unexpected way.

Listeners of All Dogs might know Jones from her work with the Columbus, Ohio outfit. This tape makes her debut under the Yowler moniker and what an utterly stunning debut it is. Though meant as an introduction to this new project, the release plays more as an intimate conversation among the best of friends friends with each moment bringing an unraveling of secrets, confessions and troubles.

One could try to decipher the meaning in her earnest and fragile pleas, but it seems easier to press play and lose yourself to her world, finding the answers as each song comes, or even in an imagery of your own.

The Offer is out now through Double Double Whammy. 

mp3: “Glass Celling” - Upset

Guest Mix: Cool-Tite