Announcing: Autumn at The Grey Estates

The response to our first compilation Summer at The Grey Estates was truly overwhelming. As soon as it was released I started thinking of what season we could do next, and choosing autumn was kinda obvious. There’s nothing like fall on the East Coast - the colors, the sunshine, the cold mornings that change to beautiful afternoons, it’s the best season, ever, and not just because seasonal coffee offerings are a 10/10.

For this release we again asked a bunch of our favorite bands, who graciously donated their tracks, including a few exclusive, demos and already released tunes worth a million more listens. Thank you so much to all of the bands who participated and thanks to all of the readers, bloggers and other folks who support TGE. You can download a copy of the mix for yourself below or right here.

Tracklist // Download (here) // Stream

“That’s the Dream, To Put Googly Eyes on Everything” - Kississippi

“Permafrost” - Tonopah from Wonderin’

“The Easiest One” - House & Hawk from Toast to Life

“Boomerang” - Mean Dream from Mean Dream EP

“Kids” - The Debutantes from The Debutantes EP

“Heart Beat” - Night School from Heart Beat

“Friend Request” - Layer Cake from Milk Jr. 

“She Reminds Me” - Family Video from Maybe This Summer

“Sha-La-Love” - Globelamp from single release

“Be Good” - Grace Joyner from Young Fools

“doll face” - Churchyard from Demo

“Coleslaw” - The Daddyo’s from Smother Your Brother

“Mother Sighing” - Scully from Tour Split

“Mudler’s Daydream” - SMUT from P U R S E

“Let’s Be Friends” - JAWW from Pure Vibes

“Petty Shit” - Nude Art from Waste

“So Hard” - Daddy Issues from single

“Axe Me If I Care” - Annabelle Chairlegs from All Black in the Sun

“Little Surfer Girl” - The Yetis from split single

“physician, heal yourself” - Tinmouth from Says

“Ask Me Nicely” - Sandlot from Ask Me Nicely

“Normandy” - Wonton Soup from Thank You, Come Again

“When You Needed Me the Most” - Heathers from The Tabor Allen Tapes (LP Demos)

“Windows Down” - Susan

Album of the Week: Smother Your Brother - The Daddyo’s

mp3: "Counting the Days" - Audacity