Toon Tunes: Aggretsuko

Toon Tunes: Aggretsuko


The second season of Aggretsuko has officially arrived on Netflix, and someone* has already watched all of it. The adventures of Retsuko, an unassuming red panda that hides some serious rage, resonate deeply with me. From her indecisiveness regarding settling down to her deeply buried emotions that eventually find their way to the surface in the form of a therapeutic karaoke session, Retsuko makes her way through life on her terms. In celebration of her return, I created this playlist inspired by her.

*I am someone.


  • “Outcast Stomp” - G.L.O.S.S.

  • “Fed Up” - Gouge Away

  • “Full Blown Meltdown” - PUP

  • “Office Rage” - Control Top

  • “Who You Are” - Mannequin Pussy

  • “Sorry Ur Mad” - DILLY DALLY

  • “Depression” - Alien Boy

  • “Heavy Heavy” - Pom Pom Squad

  • “Full Of It” - Summer Cannibals

  • “Hate Mail” - Weakened Friends ft. J. Mascis

  • “I’ll Make You Sorry” - Screaming Females

  • “Shut Up” - The Coathangers

  • “Maggot” - Slutever

  • “Wildcat!” - be your own PET

  • “Spare Me” - Necking

  • “Out to Lunch” - Daddy Issues

  • “Decoration/Currency” - Girl Friday

song premiere: "Mama" - Van Dale

song premiere: "Mama" - Van Dale

album: Covert Contracts - Control Top

album: Covert Contracts - Control Top