Toon Tunes: An all emo tribute to Milhouse Van Houten

Milhouse Van Houten is a tragic character. He’s a child of divorce, regularly bullied, and often taken advantage of by best friend Bart Simpson. He’s dealt with personal loss when his parents were lost at sea and suffered heartbreak when Lisa Simpson turned him down on multiple occasions. Unlike other Simpsons characters Milhouse isn’t afraid to express his emotions like the many times he’s seen crying. He’s even showed off his feminine side by willingly cross-dressing throughout the series. Even with all this tragedy he’s kept a positive outlook, he may be one of the most uncool kids at Springfield Elementary, but at least his mom thinks he’s cool.

The idea for this playlist originally came up as a joke, my brother and I kept sending each other pop punk memes featuring Simpsons characters. I said Milhouse would be an emo kid since he’s such a sad sack and hopeless romantic. While growing up I saw a lot of myself in his character, we share life-threatening allergies, suffer from social anxiety, and let our emotions get the best of us. The songs in this playlist revolve around the theme of teenage angst, something I think Milhouse Van Houten is very familiar with.

video: "Old Guy" - Wimps

EP: House Down - Brenda's Friend