Toon Tunes: Bill Dauterive


curated by Jamie of Audio Antihero

With our physical and emotional similarities, I feel a kinship with William Fontaine dela Tour Dauterive, though I don’t come from old Louisiana money, speak Cajun French, play accordion, like football (by UK or US definition) or serve (as a barber) in the US military. He still speaks to me.

It’s no secret that Bill cries himself to sleep when the blinds are drawn, but I like to think that more goes on in his private time. I think Bill’s record collection goes a little further than local heroes like Chuck Mangione and ZZ Top, I think Bill buys mail-order records from Austin, I think Bill empowers himself through Bjork, I think Bill acts like an entitled jerk to Grinderman, I think Bill isn’t afraid of Hip-Hop, I think Bill heard the song “Hurt” long before Johnny Cash covered it, I think Bill quietly believes in Democratic Socialism while still voting Republican, I think Bill plays “(She’s in a) Bad Mood” by Sonic Youth through Bose headphones because Bill’s God is a woman - and she hates him.

Bill has his outdoor music (“Takin’ Care of Business!”), he has indoor music and his world is pain. When listening to this mix, I want you to envision that Bill closes the curtains after “Glory Days” (probably the most apt song here) and the mix of sadness, nostalgia and defiance that follows comes from his private stash. We’re with you Bill, life is long and life is sad.

mp3: "Wherever You Are" - Winter

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