Toon Tunes: BMO from Adventure Time


curated by: brooke johnson

After binge watching the entire Adventure Time series from the beginning for 2 weeks straight to catch up, I noticed I resonated a lot with the little gender neutral robot, BMO. 

BMO is everything someone would ever want as a pal; to play video games with, sing songs in the house, have awesome dance parties, to cook crazy meals in the middle of the night with and of course seek advice from and have someone to listen to!

In this playlist, I tried capturing BMO's vivid imagination of life, the ups and downs, the thrill for adventure but always being stuck at home while Finn & Jake go out (which relates to me staying in when my friends go out and I'm just in my bedroom or wanting to do something and be something more) and how soft and sweet they really are.

album of the week: Duster's Lament - Yucky Duster

mp3: "Nuclear Bomb" - Cherry Glazerr