Toon Tunes: Chowder

curated by Madeline of Yucky Duster

I used to babysit for a family when I was high school that had two adorable kids who were obsessed with the Cartoon Network TV show Chowder. I remember one day one of the kids, Isabella, came up to me and showed me her petition to keep Chowder on the air, because there had been recent news that the show was on its last season. We talked about Chowder for a while and she informed me that he was not a bear, but in fact a cat-bear-pig combination and went on to explain the importance of the show to her and her friends. I explained to her that Chowder needed to grow up and become a teenager, so that's why the show was cancelled. I didn't really need to go any further with that explanation, so I didn't. Too much potential for unanswerable questions....

So, as far as a synopsis goes, Chowder is first off adorable and cute and squishy and I love him. He's a cat-bear-pig who gets emotional about food (don't we all?) and often ends up in trouble because of his scatterbrained-ness. Chowder always does the moral thing in the end, even if he messed up big time. He has a pet fart named Kimchi and a girl bunny (?) named Panini who is obsessed with him and trying to always get married (I, personally, think Chowder is missing out..). One episode he even sang to her "I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND", a song I would love to cover but have not been able to convince my bandmates to do so. Sigh. 

I put together a combination of songs about food, which I'm sure no matter what genre they are Chowder would listen to all of them, and songs that remind me of situations he has put himself through. "Mr. Tough" by Yo La Tengo is definitely a reference to an episode I watched recently ("The Sleep Eater") where Chestnut steals Chowder's Master Chef, Mung Daal, and claims he is Chestnut's dining room table. Can you tell I love this show?

Listen while eating a cake for maximum enjoyment!

mp3: "Wild Heart" - Katie Ellen

video: "Wipe Down" - Infinity Crush