Toon Tunes: Femme Friendship Playlist Inspired by Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill

Toon Tunes: Femme Friendship Playlist Inspired by Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill

mix + words: Karly from Diva Sweetly

Mako from Kill la Kill is the ultimate pal!!!! She stands up for her friends and is a huge support system to Ryuko!!! She's cute as hell but also badass which are two qualities I always aspire to be.
Here is a playlist of femmes in music who have been my support system and got me through a lot of second guessing of myself. The music industry is a rough place and often a competitive one for women, but these ladies give me hope and inspiration to keep goin' in spite of all the BS. 

Kim Gordon is a huge reason I felt comfortable to start playing music so late in my life. She started playing with hardly any experience in her college years which is exactly where I was when I started about a year ago! Reading her memoir "Girl in a Band" lit the fire in me that told me to commit to music and really pour my heart into. I highly suggest it to any femmes out there who want to start playing but were afraid that it was too late! You can start whenever!!!

I'll say it, I geek out for Kississippi. I went on tour with her and Pictures of Vernon before I started playing and was so inspired by her that I started songwriting as soon as I got home. I also felt comfortable playing with Diva Sweetly because of her and her music! Incredibly accessible stuff but also so complex emotionally. Wow wow wow. The best part about Zoe is that she is my peer musically at the moment! We get to play lots of bills together and it blows my freakin mind. 10/10. 

Here's a few women who inspire me specifically in the area of vocals! 

Harriet Wheeler is possibly my favorite vocalist of all time. I was listening to this album non-stop while we were writing the album.

The vocals on this track give me chills everytime. I hope one day to write on a song with intensity anywhere near this. Incredible.

Not only do the vocals on this song make all my bones melt into a big ole pile of mush but Jessica's guitar parts on this song make me wanna write some really heavy stuff, which is a relief because sometimes I feel like I always gotta keep it light and flowery.

Indigo is the namesake and front woman of a fellow Asheville band that inspires the heck out of me. I saw her play for the first time the night before my first gig ever and it got me so excited to be in the same realm. Keep your eyes and ears open for her ya'll, she's gonna take over the world. Listen to her album that's out "I Love My Mom" !!!!!! It's definitely with out a doubt one of my AOTY's. 

Do I even need to say anything? A pop icon. 

Listen to this gosh darn band!!!! They are the sweetest and funniest and some of my fave musicians. This band formed also as a sort of happy accident which is so pleasant and wonderful. 

And here's a big list of other women in music who inspire me!!!

I'm sure they're already serving as inspiration for many femmes out there but we always could use more support out there. 

song premiere: "Vultures" - Chemtrails

song premiere: "Vultures" - Chemtrails

photos: Mitski at Showbox SoDo (10/31/18)

photos: Mitski at Showbox SoDo (10/31/18)