Toon Tunes: Fighting Evil With Sailor Moon

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In case you're totally unfamiliar, our logo, there in the corner, is based on Sailor Moon. I've been totally obsessed with the adventures of the Sailor Scouts since I was young, but it was only recently that I really connected with the fearless hero.

Sailor Moon is emotional, her tears scare away bad guys and she wears her heart on her sleeve...kind of like me. She's forever crushing on all the boys, but especially Tuxedo Mask and she has the biggest heart. I asked Jena Pyle to create a logo of me as a Sailor Scout for the site because I like to think TGE is my attempts at fighting back against the bad guys of the blogging world, and it's my way of standing up to everyone who told me no. So here's a playlist of songs inspired by Sailor Moon!

Interview: Peach Kelli Pop

Guest Mix: Alyeska