Toon Tunes: Lisa Simpson

curated by Lauren Rearick, Le'Donne Morris & friends

Lisa Simpson is my hero. She's fearless, kind, smart, in touch with her feelings, and unafraid to speak her mind. From joining the hockey team to creating her own Malibu Stacy called Lisa Lionheart, she's also fully and totally supportive of her fellow females. Anyways, we made her a mix that features some modern day tunes she'd probably be into along with jazz and blues. 


  • W-O-M-A-N by Etta James
  • Young Pilgrims by The Shins
  • Slutmouth by Girlpool
  • Just A Girl by No Doubt
  • I'm A Woman by Peggy Lee
  • Happy Alone by Saint Seneca
  • Meat is Murder by The Smiths
  • Jazzman by Carole King
  • No Offense by Slutever
  • Calculator by Micachu
  • Tummy Ache by Diet Cig
  • Tell the World by Vivian Girls
  • Richard and Judy by The Spook School
  • Why I Say No by Jay Som
  • Conventional Girl (Girl Talk) by Kate Nash
  • You Let Me Down by Billie Holiday
  • Stairway to the Stars by Dinah Washington

video: "Bitch Island" - Mommy Long Legs

mp3: "Hiding to Nothing" - Lovely Bad Things