Toon Tunes: Lydia Deetz

curated by: Kassie Salas

“BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE” are the famous words said by the one and only, Lydia Deetz. The amazing photographer, seamstress, and sketch artist has a love for all things gross, scary, macabre, strange, and unusual. I always had a special little connection with Lydia ever since I first watched the movie and animated series, especially since even though she’s talented, she can't help but feel alone and out of place in the world just because she likes things most don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have an undead best friend by the name of Beetlejuice to go on crazy adventures with, and have the chance to visit the Neitherworld, but I would kill to be able to have that in my life. Her outfits are also to die for, and even though she may seem alone in the world: We all love this sweet, eccentric, creative and smart little Goth girl with a huge, spooky heart.

photos: Mommy Long Legs w/ French Vanilla, Rotten Blossom, & Peach Kelli Pop at The Smell (5/29/17)

mp3: "Teenage Dream" - Double Grave