Toon Tunes: Mordecai (Regular Show)

curated by Henderson Cole of The Alternative

For those of you who aren’t fans of the show, Mordecai is the lovable blue jay at the center of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. It's an animated toon about a bird named Mordecai and his raccoon friend Rigby as they slack off at work, doing menial jobs at a park run by a big headed goof. To say that I relate to this show/character is an understatement. I spent most of my teens and early 20s slacking off at assorted jobs, crushing hard on assorted Margarets, and hanging with my buds drinking “soda”. Mordecai might be mowing a lawn, playing Rigby in video games, defeating an army of look-a-like lunatics or fleeing a space monster, but he is always chilling. It’s a wacky show, but a great one, and Mordecai is one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters.

I recently realized that this season of Regular Show is going to be the last one. Kinda lame. Luckily we have hundreds of episodes of Mordecai and Rigby’s adventures. If you haven’t watched, get on that and take a listen to this awesome Mordecai playlist during the commercials.

As far as the musical choices, Mordecai isn’t an easy target. He is a complex guy. Not always as cool as he wants to be, but he is definitely chill and a good friend to Rigby. He likes to party, he likes to rock out, but he also has a hipster intellectual side and a love for old school stuff. In my mind he is a guy who can appreciate a classic rock riff or a lyrical hip hop track. Maybe I am just thinking of myself. Anyway here is a playlist of tracks that I feel like Mordecai would be into.

video premiere: "Prom Mom" - The Rizzos

photos: Downtown Boys at Black Cat, Washington DC (2/3/17)