Toon Tunes: Powerpuff Girls


curated by Abbie Jones

Sugar, spice, everything nice, and a heaping dose of feminism, these were the ingredients chosen to create the most badass female heroines. The Powerpuff Girls were my first feminist icons growing up, presenting the image of female empowerment and breaking down the institutionalized idea of girls being weak. As a little girl, I looked forward to Sunday mornings, sitting in front of the television set with a bowl of full of lucky charms and watching girls fight monsters and smash the patriarchy. Each one of the Powerpuff Girls reclaims the meaning of girlhood in their distinct personalities and fierce display of girl power. Blossom, the leader and brains behind the girls uses her calculated violence to achieve specific goals. Bubbles is known for her cheerful and ebullient personality, she is the sweetest member of the group while also demonstrating her super-speed and ability to communicate with animals. Buttercup is fearless, loyal, quick-witted and known to be the fiercest fighter of the group.

In many ways the Powerpuff Girls embody the central message of third wave feminism, the idea that women can be powerful while still being girly. In the third wave movement, Riot Grrrl bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy projected their rebellious anger into artistic expression. In one of my favorite episodes “Mime For a Change” a villainous clown drains all the color out of Townsville turning it into a grayscale, lifeless dystopia. In the spirit of feminist pop-punk, the Powerpuff Girls bring color back to the city through rocking out onstage and performing bubblegum pop songs.     

Here is a playlist titled “Sugar and Spice” dedicated to my first female icons and some of my favorite artists that embody the ruthless, badass spirit of the Powerpuff Girls.

EP: Nice Try - Emily Yacina

mp3: "Sun On My Back" - Arbes