Toon Tunes: Rick and Morty


curated by Evan Dorney

When it comes to Rick and Morty, who knows what kind of crazy situation they'll find themselves in. From visiting Purge Planet to taking down the entire Galactic Federation, these two always end up on some of the most insane adventures known to man. These type of adventures leave us only dreaming of having a grandpa as cool as Rick Sanchez. That is, as long as the journey doesn't backfire on you and you end up regretting even stepping into his spaceship in the first place. Deep down, we all want to be Morty and live the life of traveling all over space, especially if it means getting to visit Blitz N' Chitz.

mp3: "Catdog" - Art School Jocks

video: "I Want to Dance With You" - Louie Louie