Toon Tunes: Shaggy

words & curated by CHUCK

Shaggy from Scooby Doo has serious cross generational appeal. For adults, he's a reminder, and maybe criticism of, 60s youth culture. A tongue in cheek reference to the harmless, weed toking, van driving dude. I wasn't alive in the 1960s and don't know if this person actually existed. But, if I was a parent watching with my kid, I think Shaggy would give me a fuzzy, nostalgic feeling. For the kids, Shaggy is just a goofy pole thin doofus with a high voice. He's comic relief. It's an equally valid prism to view and enjoy him through. But the question here is, what kinda music is he jamming on in that van? Here's a playlist that I made for Shaggy.


  • Palehound - "Room"
  • Dirty Projectors - "Swing Lo Magellan"
  • Travis Bretzer - "Are You Ever Gonna Change?"
  • Day Wave - "Something Here"
  • NE-HI - "Sisters"
  • Mathew Lee Cothran - "Judas in America"
  • Adult Mom - "Told Ya So"
  • Eric Slick - "The Dirge"
  • Big Thief - "Haley"
  • Kevin Morby - "Beautiful Strangers"
  • Frankie Reyes - "Noche de Ronda"
  • Part Time - "Honey Lips"
  • The Cairo Gang - "Shivers"
  • Orange Juice - "Rip It Up"
  • Robert & Johnny "You're Mine"
  • Land of Talk - "Loving"

mp3 premiere: "Back To The Story" - Scott Yoder

mp3 premiere: "Missed Connections" - thanks for coming