Toon Tunes: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Toon Tunes: Star vs. the Forces of Evil


playlist: Matthew D'iorio

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is my favorite show ever, and over the years it's given me so much joy with its awesome action sequences, sense of fun and carefreeness, and ship tease that I just ate up til the very end. It even had some dark and political themes that mirror what we're going through in these sad times.

For the four years it was on the air, the show was part of so many memorable times in my life and it gave me a feeling I’ve never had with any other show. Nothing can top the fun and energetic kind of feelings this show instilled in me.

This playlist is dedicated to the Princess of Mewni herself: Star Butterfly. Star started off as a fun and rambunctious girl fighting monsters, making up various spells, and not listening to her parents, you know just being a kid. However, at the start of season two she started becoming more mature. She was going through the troubles of doing magic, had her emotions control her wand, and entered a deeply complicated love triangle when she developed a crush on her best friend Marco Diaz, who's going out with his longtime crush Jackie Lynn Thomas. She also became more and more aware of the monster racism that's been plaguing Mewni for centuries and starts trying to bring mewmans and monsters together. She was looked up to as a hero for being a rebellious princess who broke the rules of what a queen or princess would do.

These songs go through how Star progresses as a character in the show, from when she's a carefree and excitable princess doing magic on the spot to becoming a more mature person trying to make things right.

Before you jump into the playlist, lemme highlight some songs:

  • Hyper Enough- Superchunk: This goes back to when Star was hyper and fighting monsters with Marco after she gets to know him when she came to Earth.

  • Wool in the Wash- Crying: This is an anthem of sorts song for Star, because it follows her as she goes through so many troubles in her development as a character, but she won’t stop.

  • Jesse- Frankie Cosmos: This is where Star realizes she has a crush on Marco. The cuteness of this song goes with how cute she thinks Marco is.

  • Ana Ng- They Might Be Giants: I put this here, not just cause it goes with the weirdness of Star, but also cause Eden Sher, who voices her, is a TMBG fan. You have great taste Eden. Wonder if Star shares it?

  • Inside of Love- Nada Surf: This is where both Star and Marco are both in love and realize they want to be together forever.

  • Vignette/Lesson- Gabby's World: This song just has a really cute adventurous vibe to it that Star and Marco both embody.

  • Honeymoon Phase- Radiator Hospital: Just these two being fun and outgoing and in love.

  • I Was Born (A Unicorn)- The Unicorns: I actually found out about this band and song via Daron Nefcy's Twitter, she created the show. And they're in line with a lot of bands I dig so Daron has awesome taste too. Star's best friend is Pony Head, and there's also a lot of unicorns in the show.

  • Reach Out to You- Adventures: This song shows how Star couldn't see Marco the same way as she did before.

  • Maid of the Mist - Diet Cig: This shows how Star couldn't take the awfulness that her ex-boyfriend Tom put her through early in the show. At the same time, it shows how she's a strong, independent warrior princess (her words).

  • All the Matt and Kim songs: They all fit the adventures Star and Marco go on cause whatever they're facing, they'll have fun anyway.

  • Schoolboy- Grouplove: This song is for how much Star and Marco need each other, and they're also school kids in love.

  • Texas- Magic Man: This is where Star and Marco finally confess their feelings.

  • The Curve- Crying: This is where the story ends.

video: “Cerise Dream” - Temple of Angels

video: “Cerise Dream” - Temple of Angels

video: "Eight Legged Dog" - String Machine

video: "Eight Legged Dog" - String Machine