Toon Tunes: Theme Songs with Mom Jeans

Toon Tunes: Theme Songs with Mom Jeans


If you've ever wondered what some of the theme songs for your favorite anime characters would be, Mom Jeans has the answer. The band was kind enough to curate this Toon Tunes of theme songs for some of their favorite characters. Stream the entire thing below along with their thoughts on each track.


Jesse (Pokémon): My Own Worst Enemy : LIT

Obviously whenever team rocket does anything they always manage to do something to utterly and completely fuck themselves over and ruin their own plans with their own stupidity. Even when you think they've got it together for real this time they screw it up.

Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion): New Halloween :Touché Amore

One of (in our opinion) Touché Amore's best songs is about the loss of his mother and the influence that it's had on his life. The loss of his mother is a huge influence on Shinji and his character development throughout the show and his story is largely guided by that life experience. 

Ira Gamagoori (Kill La Kill): Big Poppa : Biggie

It's Gamagoori is a giant tank of a man who also has a sensitive. Seeing his behavior and development change throughout the series as goes from being a hated enemy to one of the favorite allies of the main characters is super sick. His unapologetic devotion to mako also shows his sensitive side. This song feels like it's about a badass someone who also knows how to put on the moves and that's Ira.

Deku (My Hero Academia): Started from the Bottom : Drake

Deli literally starts from the bottom and becomes one of the most powerful characters in the whole show. Simply badass character development.

Kamuna (Gurran Lagan): Never Meant : American Football

The first AF record is (in a lot of people's minds) a huge catalyst to the creation/development in Midwest emo, and is still a huge influence on bands that are starting now even though the record is decades old.

Mumen Rider (One Punch Man): The Winner Takes It All : ABBA

Mumen Rider is honestly one of the best characters in the show because in a world where superheroes are abundant and powerful and real and ranked by social media, this lame-ass dude with no powers still goes around trying to stop evil and save the city. He never doubts his ability to make a difference and never backs down from a fight, no matter how much more powerful everyone else is than him.

Kaz Kan (Neo Yokio): Tour Life XO : Uzi

TBH just heckin watch an episode of Nei Yokio and tell me that Kaz doesn't kinda look like Lil Uzi Vert.

Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender) : Man of the Year : Schoolboy Q

Similar to Mumen Rider, Sokka's lack of skill and abundance of stupidity never keeps him from trying to help in any situation in the series. His development starts as a comic relief character and he eventually becomes one of the most pivotal characters in the show. A confident ass song for a confident ass man (and before you complain yes I know it isn't a real anime but who freaking cares this is a joke playlist and being that salty must make your life very boring).

Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service): Always Focused : Tiny Moving Parts

Throughout this movie Jiji serves as the voice of reason for Kiki, often sarcastically or backhanded but always because he wants what is best for Kiki. Helping the main characters stay grounded is an important job throughout this film and Jiji is one of the coolest characters because of it. He's also funny as hell.

Morel (HunterXHunter): Next Episode : Snoop + Dr. Dre

Morel fights by taking hits out of a giant pipe and blowing smoke that punches out his enemies. Need I say more?l

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