Of course, Father/Daughter Records & Miscreant Records have slayed it with their newest upcoming release - Ugly Cherries from PWR BTTM. 

It’s likely you’ve seen PWR BTTM all over your Twitter/Facebook feed, the “queer punk” band from Hudson, New York totally charming everyone with the album’s title single. The track just received a video treatment and according to a press release, band member Ben Hopkins described it as such,

“I’ve set my ‘best self,’ aka me in crazy monster drag, against my 'worst self,’ aka me miserably staring at my cellphone alone in my apartment, in an attempt to take stock of my whole self. All of the behaviors within the video are my own, and in staging them side by side I’m trying to take ownership of the good, bad, weird, and fabulous parts of my personality.”

Ugly Cherries will be out 9/18.