video: "Alpha" - Banana

words: Sean Deveney

“You alpha piece of shit” is a hell of a chorus for a song. In fact, there are an overwhelming number of good things about this session video from Allston Pudding, but the song itself is fantastic.

“Alpha” by Banana begins quietly and then erupts in rage. Singer and bassist Chelsea Ursin presents a watertight case as to why the alpha is a piece of shit all while playing solid bass lines that get fuzzier and louder as the anger builds. “He’s teaching her to drive. How cute is that? She says it’s really hard. Yeah I bet it is to depend on your dumb ass for everything. You never looked me in the eye when you put me down.”

Despite the anger within this song, the video somehow is funny. The band is called Banana, and so bananas are everywhere. They are used to play the instruments, they are hanging out behind the band, and they are eaten and held while riding a skateboard. The inclusion of skateboards in my opinion pushes this video into the realm of a masterpiece. I could come back and watch this video frequently because it seems to have everything: great bass lines, anger directed at alpha males, bananas, and skateboards. It just makes me feel good.

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