video: "Bones" - Crumb

words: Kat Harding

The dismal opening shot of New York/Boston-based Crumb’s latest video for “Bones” doesn’t last too long. It’s a backyard sludge-filled stream, polluted and to be avoided at all costs. We’re soon rewarded with goldfish, and fluorescent, neon shapes and colors. We finally see a band member’s face around a minute in, and Lila Ramani’s teeth light up the screen. Her face is mesmerizing, her voice coming through softly, glowing above the psychedelic R&B instrumentals, with plenty of brass built in.

The easy listening tune is contrasted by the mystery unfolding on screen. A level of anxiety builds as we journey through a town watching police officers and everyday people alike stare in wonder at some event; some are recording on their phones, all are staring with mouths agape. Watch the video now to see what everyone’s enraptured by!

Pick up their EP here.

photos: Chastity Belt with Summer Cannibals, Lisa Prank & Mint Field at The Resident (3/10/17)

mp3: "Captain's Dead" - The Coathangers