video: "Different Now" - Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt's music has always said everything about emotions and life that we so often can't articulate or understand. "Different Now" is no exception; it's lighter, almost weightless, the track taking its time to gradually gather the elements and get its start. Each moment comes together, building to a beginning that takes your breath away. "You're hard on yourself/well you can't always be right/all those little things that keep you up at night/you should take some time to figure out your life," the song opens. It's everything your thoughts so often hold about growing up and figuring out life as you age, the late night worries, the search for answers, and a promise from the band that eventually it'll all come together, that in time you'll find yourself and the "answers that you seek." The future can always seem so uncertain and scary, but "Different Now" is a most hopeful promise that it might just be okay. Their new album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone is out June 2 on Hardly Art.

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