video: “fuuuck // Dream" - Emma Lee Toyoda

It's safe to say that Emma Lee Toyoda inspires us. From the previously released "Lauren Lorelai" to this newest video for “fuuuck // Dream" the Seattle-based artist using songs and visuals to share important, impactful messages. The latest single, “fuuuck // Dream" is warped and haunting, matching a visual treatment that turns everything into a world of red-hues. Throughout the video, the camera pans about a home decked out in decorations, with different womxn and femmes of color around every corner. It's such a striking and beautiful video with a backstory that's equally as important. Speaking with Seattle Weekly, Toyoda said, "The song and video were inspired by their attempts to come to terms with their sexual and cultural identity after the election."

mp3: "Westside" - Ratboys

mp3: "“Lucy Stone” - Katie Ellen