video: I Was Jesus In Your Veins - Amy Studt

video: I Was Jesus In Your Veins - Amy Studt

words: Matt Latham

Amy Studt might be one of the most underrated talents to ever grace this earth. First album False Smiles from 2003 may look like the UK attempting its own Avril Lavigne, but it was much more than that. Co-writing every song on the album, Studt revealed an ability to craft amazingly dark and introspective explorations of the teenage psyche, (it’s also in my top ten albums of all time). Second album My Paper Made Men took the darkness further - a spiritual sequel of a young woman that shed the punky image of the first few songs of her debut. Another album full of songs that linger in the memory and stayed there.

For the last ten years, Studt has kept a low profile; releasing the odd song and talking about recording and writing her third album. It’s a long time coming but recent social media posts on Facebook and Instagram and reveal it’s in the last stages of mixing.

Studt has released a video for the song "I Was Jesus In Your Veins" as the album nears the end of the recording process. It’s an immediate delight to hear her haunting and broken vocal delivery again, and the lyrics describe many parts of a greater story for the listener to try and patch together. As the song builds up, there appears to be a swell in the spirit of reflection. A soundtrack to the transition of recovering from an emotional setback to the realization that something has to change. Change to what, we’re not sure of yet, but change is needed.

It’s great to hear new stuff from Amy Studt again, and it’s exciting that we’re one song closer to a new album.